Travel back to the glamour, razzmatazz and decadence of the roaring 20ís with the fabulous Boneshaker. Dressed to the nines in their top hats, this unlikely collection of toffs, aristocrats and lounge lizards take you on a riotous romp from Chicago speakeasy to Parisian cafť, from the backstreets of Buenos Aires to the cabarets of the Weimar Republic.

The show is full of wit and repartee, but at its centre is fabulous music. If you want to dance the Charleston or the foxtrot, the tango, waltz or Can-Can, then this is the show for you. Thrilling three-part harmony, virtuoso violin, saxophone and clarinet, and a swinging rhythm section will keep your toes tapping the whole evening.

The musicians of the Boneshaker are all experienced professionals and in the last couple of years the show has been honed to perfection in the Vintage nightclubs of London, such as the Oriole and The Nightjar. A night with the Boneshaker is the perfect opportunity to dress up in your finest, sip cocktails, and step onto the floor to dance to the hottest and coolest of vintage jazz.

Party like itís 1929!

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