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Fiddle Player Wanted!

JOBS VACANT for fiddlers!

I often get offered gigs which I can't do for one reason or another- usually I'm able to suggest someone else suitable, but not always.

I thought it would be a nice idea to post information on this page about gigs which I have either been offered or have heard about.

If I put something here it doesn't mean I have vetted or recommended the job in any way- if you follow one up it's up to you to decide if it's worth taking.

If you're looking for a fiddler, feel free to contact me and I'll stick the info on this page, no charge!




We're an Irish folk rock band based in Luzern Switzerland seeking a new fiddler.

Exciting news and a great opportunity to join a professional band!

Come and join a bunch of Irish guys in Luzern, Switzerland! The Led Farmers are looking for an adept tune player.

Preferably the Fiddle or the Box but we're interested in hearing from any eager candidates. The Led Farmers are a professional Indie Irish Folk Rock band. We now want to move in a more Folk/Trad direction. The band have toured all over Europe and the U.S. We gig throughout the year, it's a full-time job!

What we want: – A passionate musician who's keen for the opportunity to turn playing into a career

– Someone who is ready to leave their old life behind and join The Led Farmers on a musical adventure

– Someone who is open of mind, heart and spirit, isn't afraid to take chances, wants to see new places and enjoys a bit of craic

What We Offer: – The opportunity to live and work as a touring musician, to travel and play throughout Europe and the U.S

. – The opportunity to showcase your talents on a host of professional recordings, videos and promotional material

– The opportunity to live free, have fun, make mistakes, achieve successes and experience a life less ordinary (all in great company!)

If interested send an email and your phone number to Please send on a video of your playing, or make a short video in which you introduce yourself and play some music. The band are currently based in Switzerland and joining would mean relocating here for the next year or two. We are hoping our new player can join ASAP, but we are open to discussion. Check out the band here:

All the best, Conor Buckley



Long-established 4-piece Oxford-based band Moonrakers (harp, fiddle, stringed instruments, whistles, female/male vocals) is looking for a new fiddle player from 2019. The position is a replacement for Liz van Santen who's been in the band for 10 years and is gradually bowing out. From 2019 onwards it will become more of a commitment. Moonrakers is a professional outfit with regular paid gigs across the southern counties.

It is essential that the person is not only a high quality player but also is able to commit (often months in advance) to at least one full concert per month and occasional travel for weekend festivals. The repertoire is already established, but we're always open to new material, and certainly new styles of playing and arrangements.

If you're interested, contact Jon on 01865 769206. To find out what we do and who we are, go to



We are a 5 piece Cajun / Zydeco Band based between Worthing and Brighton Sussex looking for a Fiddle Player.

We play traditional (Balfa Brothers, Wallace Reed, Canray Fontenot), modern (Pine lef boys, Feufollet) as well as swamp blues,

country, swing as well as our own self penned tunes.

Local gigs as well as festivals Uk and Europe

Contact Ian -



We are a 5 piece Americana / Bluegrass band playing a range of covers and styles. We are based in Guildford and presently seeking a violinist to the mix.

We are playing a spread of stuff from Chris Stapleton and Maren Morris thru to rock oriented country. Rehearsing once a week in Woking and aiming at a gig to two per month at small festivals, pubs, etc.

Chris Crosby 07768 270390



FEMALE Fiddle / Mandolin player wanted for Country & Folk gigs.

For further details, please contact Lilac on: 07543 843625



Seeking female violinist and cellist for 2017 European tour with original, orchestral, folk-rock pop band from Australia

THE TOUR: Rehearsals are in Coppenbruegge (near Hanover), Germany on June 15. The Tour starts on June 16 and finishes on October 28. The tour is full-time so musicians need to be available for this entire period. There are scheduled 3 day breaks in the tour every 5-7 weeks. Musicians receive 225 Euro per week and 2 meals per day. Travel and accommodation (from the starting point of the tour) are also covered during the tour period.

THE ACT: The Band's line up consists of drums, bass, cello, two violins, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and vocals. The Wishing Well plays original, orchestral-folk-rock-pop. Since their formation 10 years ago, The Wishing Well has toured tirelessly playing an impressive 1700 gigs on the international circuit. Career highlights include slots at the Queenscliff Music Festival (Aus), The Blue Balls Festival (Switzerland), The Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Scotland), Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Skagenfest (Denmark), Nibe Festival (Denmark), Galway Sessions (Ireland), Canterbury Arts Festival (England), Across The Tracks (England), Croperdy Folk Festival Fringe (England), Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival (Northern Ireland), Neun Naumbuerger Naechte (Germany), Open Flair Festival (Germany), Maritime Festival (Germany) and Labadoux Festival (Belgium). The Wishing Well has released 4 albums and has sold over 55,000 CDs independently.

Lead singer Jai Larkan has previously supported artists such as Bob Geldof, Andy White, Liam O'Maonlai and Tim Finn and the band has shared the stage with David Gray, James Morrison, Seal and Joss Stone. The songs are rich in textural depth, building gradually to dizzying heights only to momentarily pause and cascade into an orchestral crescendo. Awe-inspiring arrangements spun around magnificently poetic lyrics, wistful violins, oceanic cello and majestic rhythms all melded to lead singer Jai Larkan's achingly strong and haunting vocals evokes an extraordinary gamut of emotions. In the melodic tradition of Ryan Adams, David Gray, Dave Matthews Band and The Waterboys, The Wishing Well's music appeals to lovers of emotive lyrics and melody. Their inspiring live performances captivate audiences and have created an enthusiastic and ever-growing worldwide fanbase. Like true troubadours, the Band is nearly always on tour. 2017 marks The Wishing Well's ninth tour of Europe and the release of their first live album.

You can email me here: for the audition materials. Kind Regards, Rivkah




Auditions for female violinists and cellists are now open for The Wishing Well's 2016 European Tour.

THE TOUR: Rehearsals are May 12 and 13 in Mauer (near Heidelberg), Germany. The Tour starts on May 14 and finishes on October 10.

Travel, accommodation and some meals are covered and a wage of 225 Euro per week. The Tour is full-time but there are scheduled breaks lasting 3-4 days every 5-7 weeks.

THE ACT: The Band's line up consists of drums, bass, cello, two violins, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and vocals. The Wishing Well plays original orchestral folk rock pop. Since their formation 10 years ago, the Band has toured tirelessly playing an impressive 1600 gigs on the international circuit. Career highlights include slots at the Queenscliff Music Festival (Aus), The Blue Balls Festival (Switzerland), The Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Scotland), Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Skagenfest (Denmark), Nibe Festival (Denmark), Galway Sessions (Ireland), Canterbury Arts Festival (England), Across The Tracks (England), Croperdy Folk Festival Fringe (England), Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival (Northern Ireland), Neun Naumbuerger Naechte (Germany), Open Flair Festival (Germany), Maritime Festival (Germany) and Labadoux Festival (Belgium). The Wishing Well has released three albums and has sold over 50,000 CDs independently.

Lead singer Jai Larkan has previously supported artists such as Bob Geldof, Andy White, Liam O'Maonlai and Tim Finn and the band has shared the stage with David Gray, James Morrison, Seal and Joss Stone. The songs are rich in textural depth, building gradually to dizzying heights only to momentarily pause and cascade into an orchestral crescendo. Awe-inspiring arrangements spun around magnificently poetic lyrics, a cacophony of three part harmonies, wistful violins, oceanic cello and majestic rhythms all melded to lead singer Jai Larkan's achingly strong and haunting vocals evokes an extraordinary gamut of emotions.

In the melodic tradition of Ryan Adams, David Gray, Dave Matthews Band and The Waterboys, The Wishing Well's music appeals to lovers of emotive lyrics and melody. Their inspiring live performances captivate audiences and have created an enthusiastic and ever-growing worldwide fanbase. Like true troubadours, the Band is nearly always on tour. 2016 marks The Wishing Well's eighth tour of Europe and the release of their first live album.

To arrange an audition or for more information, please write an email with "2016 auditions" in the subject line to:




Fiddle Player required for Acoustic, Roots, Folk band. Original material, existing albums with great reviews and national radio play Gigs, Festivals and Recording (all paying).

Based mid-way between Portsmouth and Southampton. Age no issue: feel and ability everything. Playing with other bands/ acts no problem.

Fiddle player required as a ‘go-to’ musician Type of music think: Show of Hands, a bit of The Levellers and Martyn Joseph coming round for tea.

Call for a chat, more info and some links to the music/ videos 01329-834176


Celtic/Folk Rock band Creeds Cross, are looking for an experienced dynamic Female Fiddle player, backing singer, to join the new line up of our established Celtic Folk/ Rock band.

This is a hard hitting 4 piece playing a mix of originals and adapted covers. Our first Album "Gods & Fighting Men" was released in Spring 2014 to rave reviews. This is a pro band and this is a paid gig!! Ability is more important than age, but for info, the average age of the other members is 35 - 45 and all are established musicians on the London scene. There will also be a Duo opportunity for the right person, for gap work and smaller acoustic promotional shows. It's important to point out that we are looking for a level of commitment that increases as the bands workload increases. If you are creative and write, we would encourage that.

If you want to be involved in a really exciting and very rewarding, recording and touring band, drop us an email with some examples of your work and a recent pic and we'll get straight back to you. New single and video out late April.

Contact Bart Foley

Links to us. Website Youtube






My name is Rivkah and I manage Aussie folk rockers, The Wishing Well.

We're currently seeking a female violinist for the Band's 2015 tour of Europe.

Below is some information about the tour and the Band.

THE TOUR: Rehearsals are in Hamburg, Germany on June 29 and 30. The Tour starts on July 1 and finishes on September 6. The tour is full-time so musicians need to be available for this entire period. Travel, accommodation and some meals are covered and a wage of 225 Euro per week.

THE ACT: The Band's line up consists of drums, bass, cello, two violins, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano/keys and 3 part harmonies. The Wishing Well plays original orchestral folk rock pop. Since their formation eight years ago, The Wishing Well has toured tirelessly playing an impressive 1600 gigs on the international circuit. Career highlights include slots at the Queenscliff Music Festival (Aus), The Blue Balls Festival (Switzerland), The Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Scotland), Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Skagenfest (Denmark), Nibe Festival (Denmark), Galway Sessions (Ireland), Canterbury Arts Festival (England), Across The Tracks (England), Croperdy Folk Festival Fringe (England), Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival (Northern Ireland), Neun Naumbuerger Naechte (Germany), Open Flair Festival (Germany), Maritime Festival (Germany) and Labadoux Festival (Belgium).

The Wishing Well has released three albums and has sold over 50,000 CDs independently. Lead singer Jai Larkan has previously supported artists such as Bob Geldof, Andy White, Liam O'Maonlai and Tim Finn and the band has shared the stage with David Gray, James Morrison, Seal and Joss Stone. The songs are rich in textural depth, building gradually to dizzying heights only to momentarily pause and cascade into an orchestral crescendo. Awe-inspiring arrangements spun around magnificently poetic lyrics, a cacophony of three part harmonies, wistful violins, oceanic cello and majestic rhythms all melded to lead singer Jai Larkan's achingly strong and haunting vocals evokes an extraordinary gamut of emotions. In the melodic tradition of Ryan Adams, David Gray, Dave Matthews Band and The Waterboys, The Wishing Well's music appeals to lovers of emotive lyrics and melody. Their inspiring live performances captivate audiences and have created an enthusiastic and ever-growing worldwide fanbase.

Like true troubadours, the Band is nearly always on tour. 2015 marks The Wishing Well's seventh tour of the UK and European and the release of their third album.

For more information, please contact me here:




We are looking for a fiddle player/violinist to join our evening of entertainment “The Celtic Experience”

They would be an integral part of the evening and be joined by a cast of 5 performers, 1 female vocalist, 1 male dancer and 3 female dancers. The night is split into 3 sections of approx 45- 50 mins each. We begin with a laid back set with the fiddle player and the female vocalist performing well known Irish and classic songs along to backing track. Then we pick up the pace and introduce our audience to the rest of the Celtic Experience team and encourage them to get up on their feet and take part in a Ceilidh called by one of our team. Finally as spirits are high we perform our stunning stage show “Emerald Sensation” from classic numbers such as Riverdance and Lord of the Dance to Vanessa Mae and the Levellers.

We are looking for a reliable permanent musician to join our troupe. As well as the above night The Celtic Experience will also perform as a trio, fiddle player/ violinist, keyboard player and lead vocalist. This night would consist of x2 45mins sets with the ceilidh inbetween. The Celtic Experience will perform one off dates all throughout the year at corporate events, holiday parks and hotels. As rehearsals would be mandatory for the show we are for someone to commit to us.




AMAZING FIDDLE PLAYER WANTED for Celtic inspired folk band! Putting out tentative feelers for a fab muso to work with me on my live show! I'm looking for a versatile fiddle player who can improvise and learn by ear (dots available if necessary though). Ability to sing a bit (fret not, just backing vox) a distinct advantage but not essential! Age/gender immaterial! North West/Merseyside area for rehearsals. Got a couple of exciting gigs coming up next year...YAY! Not much money to begin with, but hopefully, that will change once we're gigging properly. Check out my music on my website at or YouTube channel Any interested folks, please email me at and I'll get straight back to you. Thank you so much & looking forward to hearing from anyone who's interested in joining my band!



North East function band urgently requires fiddle player. Band is based in Durham but bookings are nationwide

so location need not be an issue. email: for details



The Lagan (London-Irish celtic punk, Banquet Records) seek new fiddle player! Kingston, London

The Lagan are a celtic punk band based in Kingston-Upon-Thames, UK. Our debut album "Where's Your Messiah Now?" was released in March 2013 on the Banquet Records label and our version of "The Fields Of Athenry" from that album is now the official London Irish RFC anthem which the players come out on the pitch to at home games at Madeksji Stadium.

We are extremely busy and hard-working, spending most weekends in our van ("The Laganwagon") going up and down the country. And we're getting busier all the time, thanks to the support we're receiving everywhere. However, this modicum of success comes at a cost: our current fiddle player is unable to commit to the amount of time required and is stepping aside.

What we need out of his replacement is a long list. You should be, obviously, of a high standard at playing a fiddle, and ideally have a repertoire of traditional jigs and reels you can draw on. Equally as important, you must be AVAILABLE - ideally, self-employed in whatever you do. This is a busy band and we are already starting to reduce our working hours so that we can play more gigs. We have a busy schedule of upcoming tours being planned. This is not a hobby band any more, having to book holiday time off doesn't work for us. This band is a huge commitment and it will become your life. Leave your other commitments at the door. We can't guarantee you'll get paid much (although from 2014 we do expect to be doing this as our main source of income), but we can guarantee you a f**king good time. This is the most fun you'll ever have.

Ideally you'll be a good drinker (training available), have a decent voice, able to drive, have plenty of gigging experience, and be happy to spend your time couped in a van with a rowdy gang of smelly men. And of course, ideally, we'll all think you're rad company. We're not being too picky, are we? Get in touch! Contact:



North London based band looking for a fiddle / keyboard player. This is a paid gig with shows already in the book..

We play a mixture of covers done in our own style and originals. A great opportunity to get in at ground level on an exciting project, with plans for an album, video and tours, later in the year. Although we are looking for one person who plays both fiddle and keyboards, priority will be given to the fiddle. So if your easy going, like to rock and you love the craic, drop us a line with some details about yourself and if possible a link to an example of your work



I work for casting Director Jill Trevellick CDG who is currently auditioning for a 16 - 18 year old female violinist/fiddler

for the feature film 'What We Did On Our Holiday', written and directed by Guy Jenkin and Andy Hamilton

(creators of the BBC comedy show Outnumbered).


This will shoot from 17th June 2013 for 7 weeks although the actress chosen would only shoot for approximately five days during that time.

Please send a recent picture and some informations about your violin experience to Rae Hendrie at

Auditions will be held on Friday 3rd May in Highgate, North London The details are as follows:

GIRL VIOLINIST (Female, 15 - 18) (NB Orla O'Connor will be also be working with me on casting this role).

Striking looking, excellent violinist (capable of playing folk, grade 6 or above). Believably 15 but must be over licensing age (16). Maximum age - 18.

Several scenes but no dialogue so can have any accent. Height: Any Ethnicity: Any Agreements: PACT Cinema agreement


Rae Hendrie Casting Assistant Jill Trevellick Casting Mob 07855 749777



We're looking for a fiddle player to play with our band The Blackaways, playing Irish, country and rock covers.

We play as a 5 piece and trio and occasionally duo. We have a young player with us for the past year

or so but she had other commitments so we need cover please. We are based in and around London

My email for contact is and phone is 07973 226532



Experienced guitarist requires Irish genre Fiddler as a duet for future live gigs and recordings around the Nottingham,

Derby Area (East Midlands) Drawing inspiration from the virtuosity of Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill I hope to find the

right person to start start something special in the East Midlands. This area is crying out for a Fiddle and Guitar duet to exhale the Irish sounds.

Experience not essential but excellent Fiddle players only please.

Please contact Nathan on 07932 389612 or email "



Newcastle Upon Tyne. Fiddle Player wanted for Acoustic Celtic Rock/Folk/Pop 4 piece. To team up with Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion,

Whistles. Covers and Original Material. Aiming to gig regularly. Top rates. Tel 07738375821. Regards Dennis.



Hi ! - We are a 7 piece Balkan/gypsy band based on Essex/Suffolk border who have been playing gigs for the past year.

Due to a change in circumstances our fiddle player is less able to commit to future gigs and we have a growing gig schedule.

We don’t want to have to turn down gigs in the future so we are looking for a ‘back up’ for our fiddle player so we can plan ahead.

If you are interested or want to know more contact




I'm starting up a high energy Balkan gypsy band and I've been tearing my hair out looking for an outgoing, fast fiddling unit to play with us.

A real mix of influences, including dub and punk but the aim is to get the crowd pinging off the walls. We're in our thirties (ish) and

looking to play festivals all over the place but we are based in the Brighton area.

My contact number is 07889 166 508 and email address is :




Wanted; old-time/bluegrass fiddle player for a band in South Somerset. We are the Blackdown Bluebirds, a new American folk band playing anything gutsy and melodic from the Carter family to Alison Kraus to the Carolina Chocolate Drops.

David Ash



We are Westbound Piccadilly - West London’s premier up and coming, middle aged. four piece, acoustic/country band. We are looking to add a fiddler to our sound.

We play mostly originals, but some covers (Diana Jones, Laura Cantrel, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Loretta Lynn). We practice weekly in Ealing and play

mainly open mics and local festivals, but are looking to play longer gigs. We all have day jobs and so are doing this for fun,

so contact us if you think you might want to join in.



Fiddle player wanted! . We are two male 60 year old’s who play folky, cowboy music etc. We are bass & acoustic guitar and write our own tunes.

We live near Brighton and want to have a fiddle player so we can gig. We have played for years but are not professionals. Thanks, Mikey



Experienced fiddle player wanted for 'celtic inspired' folk band in Merseyside/North West area. Ability to sing/play other instruments a major advantage but not essential. Any age/gender, but bear in mind we are all 35+! My name is Caitlin Grey and I am a folk singer/songwriter and, in preparation for the release of my second album, I'm looking to form a small band to do promotional gigs and maybe one or two folk festivals...not sure yet!

Check out my youtube channel to hear some of my music, (but we will be doing about half trad. covers and half original stuff.)

For more info contact Caitlin on 07876048881 or email




I'm looking for a male professional violin/viola/fiddle player of Afro-Caribbean descent for new feature film. It will be shooting in London between the end of April and mid July. The exact shooting days are still to be confirmed but there will be about 5 to 10 days work during this time. It's all paid work, if anyone is interested could they could email their photograph, CV and contact details to asap!

Amy Cooke 2020 Casting & SA19: The Uniformed Artiste Agency 2020 Hopgood Street, London W12 7JU NASAA Member Agencies T: 020 8746 2020 - 2020 Casting T: 020 8746 2523



Bateleurs are a Contemporary folk/rock band based in Wiltshire, UK. The band is popular on the South West music scene and veterans of summer festivals such as Swindon’s Big Arts Day, SOLAM, Treefest, Broadtown Big Gig & Oxjam. This summer they are booked to play 12 festivals across the South with more in the pipeline. Bateleurs released their debut 3 song EP - New Day Rising in May 2010. Tracks posted online generated immediate and overwhelmingly positive feedback and gained a lot of radio airplay. Recording is now complete for their eagerly awaited debut album All In The Past, released in August 2011. The band are currently looking for a full time fiddle player to complete the line up. The band can be contacted through or via



We are Northern Monkey, playing ORIGINAL urban folk. We're all late
forties and aren't in it for the money (there isn't much) but seem to
be well received wherever we play. Have played a few festivals this
year and are looking to build on that for next season. Our music is
crying out for a fiddle player, and it gives someone the chance to make
a unique and significant contribution to some great songs. Our website
is and we are Notts/Derbys based. Next gig at
the Malt Cross in Nottingham on the 15th Nov if anyone wants to check
us out before diving in!

Contact via the website, or directly to


Dan Hall - Northern Monkey



The Haringay Arms in Crouch Hill (London) is looking for up to three fiddle players to organise a session on Sunday afternoons or evenings

Contact Anthony Hayes:



Acoustic group forming in the Woking area of Surrey. Playing a mixture of covers (everything from folk through pop, rock and jazz - but always looking to give the songs our own twist) and original songs. We're mature in age (late forties and early fifties), have day jobs and are doing this for fun rather than money - though paid gigs and small festivals will be on the agenda. Very keen to find a fiddle player! If you think you might be interested please get in touch and we can tell you more.

Peter Slade 07785 268124;



Celtic Clan is based in Sutton Coldfield, 12 miles from BIRMINGHAM. We’re a 3 piece celtic/pop/rock and trad band that gigs and plays almost every weekend at corporates/weddings etc. Established for a year with a book FULL of work, we have recently lost our charismatic frontman, and now need to fill the space. The current thinking is that if we can find a charismatic MALE fiddle player that can sing, our fiddle player would move over onto guitar vocals.

The music is a mixture of Pogues, The Corrs, Proclaimers, The Waterboys (etc); a bit of Irish traditional (jigs and the odd reel) and some pop. We play both acoustically and to backing tracks, and the ability to sing and harmonise is a big one. If you happen to be Irish too – we’ve hit the jackpot.

Excellent money for all gigs, and transport provided from Sutton Coldfield (or picked up if you’re en-route). Interested? Please call Ruth on 0121 308 1360 or 07949 696574

Thank you.



We are looking for a violinist to add a unique dynamic to our newly formed, 4 piece, covers
band -drums, bass, lead/rhythm guitar and vocals - playing a wide range of material from Paloma Faith to the Spin Doctors, Pink
to the Everley Bros (to give you an idea). We are experieced musicians all 38+ years old.

We are based in the Forest of Dean and intend to gig, mainly in local andsurrounding areas, about twice a month.

Our new fiddle player must have their own transport, enjoy gigging and performing with other people,
feel confident about improvising and most importantly want to have fun creating music!

Contact us if you are interested




Fiddle player wanted for collaboration. I live in Lydd, Kent and have a many original musical ideas that would really benefit from the right fiddler who is versatile, fluent, and hopefully not too distant from myself .... it's very difficult, though not impossible, to work on music regularly if you're not!
Primarily self taught, I have embraced many different genres of music and over approximately 30 years have played everything from heavy rock to jazz, early music, reggae, traditional folk and world music on numerous instruments

My core skills are percussion (djembe, congas, darabouka, bodhran), rhythm bouzouki and more recently English/Flemish bagpipes. Other instruments include guitar, bass, octave mandola, lute, gittern and lap harp.

Previous bands/recording collaborations include Tangle Brothers, Belerion, Silver Ghost Band, Supa Reuben's Allstars, Geoff Hills, Al Jones, Snaketown.

While musical versatility and adaptability are also strengths that have been learnt by years of 'paying dues', I am what's loosely termed 'a folky' at heart and my solo compositions and personal style of playing reflect and draw upon traditional music from East to Western Europe and show influences of all the other genres mentioned above. I am currently working on an album and also have an EP out, sound samples of which can be heard on my website at

The music is also available on Myspace, Amazing Radio and Last.FM ..... Please get in touch if you like the sound of this and you think I'll like the sound of you!!

George Stevens



Looking for a Gypsy Jazz violin player to play Django’s original tunes.

We are based in NYC. I play rhythm guitar & there is a friend of mine who plays lead.
We have few places where we can play anytime, but we still need some time to learn all the tunes.
We just need someone who’s into Gypsy Jazz and is willing to play.
It doesn’t have to be Violin, maybe accordion or clarinet, anything that will work with Gypsy Jazz.




Hi. I’m organising an acoustic alt country ‘Americana’ project which will play three gigs in September 2011 and would benefit greatly from the addition of a good fiddle player.

This is around the work of an unknown American songwriter I sang with in the 70s who’s had MS for 30 years and can no longer sing or play. Many of the songs have never had a public performance. I’m interested in saving the songs and recording the this stage everyone is volunteering their time, but any money generated will be spread across the band.

There are nine of us involved, one (who has several CDs out there of his own songs) coming over from the states. Wizz Jones and the Flynn Brothers are also participating and we have a sound manager who will organise sound and the recording. The plan is for a ‘Transatlantic Sessions’ style group with singers trading the songs and being backed up by varying combinations of players in the group. We have numerous guitar players, mandolin, dobro, banjo and bass at this point. We’re rehearsing loosely on a weekly basis in SE London and will be performing 10-12 songs over three gigs, 15, 17 and 22 September.

The plan is for a one-off exercise, although if it goes well, who knows?

Anyone interested?


Rob Anderson



Silver Dogs are an “ambient folk rock” band based in Lancashire and we are looking for a replacement violin/fiddle player.

We have been described as a cross between Fairport Convention and Pink Floyd and perform in and around the NW of England in small theatre and selected music venues.

Recent performances in the North West UK include shows at Bollington Arts Centre, Bury Met, Playhouse2 Shaw, and Darwen Library Theatre.

Our music is based on fresh arrangements and treatments of contemporary folk songs and this is particularly noticeable in Crazy Man Michael, King Cotton and our recreation of the traditional version of A Sailor’s Life in particular, as well as in sections of many other songs. The band also includes a number of original songs in the set and a selected number of covers by legendary songwriters such as Lal Waterson and Richard Thompson.

Silver Dogs play a selection of songs by the legendary Sandy Denny including The Sea, One More Chance and Who Knows Where the Time Goes. Although musically different, the band acknowledges the debt any folk rock band owes to Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention for creating the genre in the first place.

We are looking for a seasoned and experienced fiddle player to join this fantastic band who is prepared to assist with song writing and arranging and be an active team player, the ability to play other instruments such as mandolin, acoustic guitar is an advantage but not essential.

Anyone interested in the position should contact Neil on 07931161722 or email

Our web site at will provide more information on the band and its current members.

Kind Regards
Neil Aspinall




I am a signed roots songwriter/singer with an album coming out shortly and am looking to put together a group of musicians to play with live and for future recordings. You can hear some demos at

My influences range from folk to soul, to blues and country, but ultimately the sound I would like to create is primarily rootsy (acoustic) with a driving rhythm section. Think CCR, The Faces, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Waterboys, Willie Nelson and Van Morrison.

I am interested in hearing from any musicians with a similar outlook, who are up for creating something very exciting and soulful onstage and having a good time playing together.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Dan Raza




Scottish Central Belt.

We are a very experienced duo looking for a fiddle player to complete a new line up. We have a new, exciting and distinctive project to specialise in Wedding/ Corporate Events entertainment. We also want to establish a Celtic/ Rock fusion band as a separate but parallel project. Check out two of our tunes at:

We are looking for a dynamic fiddle player able to play Contemporary pop/ rock and Ceilidh material. A player who is preferably able to play electric fiddle as well as traditional acoustic. Preferably with some vocals (but not essential).

We are based in the central belt. We have high end personal equipment and instruments. We also have a state-of-the-art 4KW active pa system. We have our own recording facilities.

Please contact Matt on 07946 489098 or



My name is Paul and I'm based in Bedfordshire, I've played drums in a couple of good celtic rock bands most popular was a band called Life of Riley who played many gigs in the late 90.s when London had a good Irish trend . We still play now but not as often and more for fun although it seems celtic rock is having a comeback. I have also been playing with another band that i formed about 8 years ago doing more rock influenced music.

We have been writing music for fun but now feel we want to take it to the next level by forming an original folk rock band. We need a fiddle player who is able to play jigs and reels to a good level but must also be able to add lib and vamp around original songs. Being able to add backing vocals would be great. We have drums bass electric and accoustic guitar and vocals that are something special . Gigs are no problem and we want to record as soon as poss.

I can be contacted on 07944037645 or



We’re currently a 3 piece band in the Swindon/Bath area and desperately require a Fiddler to complete our line up. We play the usual Celtic Folk songs as well as modern day classics like Use Somebody and Mr Brightside. We have gigs waiting for the right person.

I can be contacted via email or phone 07512355804 (William Wilson)



My name is Ross Mills and I am the Director for the critically acclaimed show “Essence of Ireland” which starts its spring tour on the 20th February and finishes on the 4th June at the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford.

The show plays all the main A-list Theatres in the UK.

We are looking for a new female fiddle/Tin Whistle Player

We have auditions on the 19th January at Dance Attic Studio’s, Fulham Braodway, London from 1.00pm onwards (THIS IS AN OPEN AUDITION)

Please see our website for more details.

Ross Mills

Essence Productions Ltd
Portishead, Bristol
BS20 7UE
Tel: 01275 842800



A Hertfordshire and Berkshire folk band are looking for a fiddle player. We've been together for 7 years and historically have played punk and folk. We'd like to change our sound and become more versatile in our gigs. We're very good friends and we enjoy playing music as well as socialising in general. A committed fiddle player who plays for the enjoyment rather than the money would be ideal.

Currently we rehearse once a week and all of us are open-minded in terms of lifts and transport. Folk and folk punk is what we're aiming for. There's a big "to do" list for 2011.

Please contact me on
Many thanks,



Fiddle / viola / cello player (and backing vocalist) required for 2011 season and beyond for folky medieval band based on Sussex / Kent borders. Original songs plus some English, Breton, celtic and medieval songs and tunes. Current line-up is female vocals, guitar, flute, harp, psaltery plus guitarist/mandolin player and bass player/percussionist/whistle player (for more info see and bear in mind the band has morphed a little since the last album release. Soon to be recording new material. Although the band is primarily a vehicle for Kim Thompsett's songs, it's definitely not a one-person show; all band members are expected to play an active role in developing arrangements and creating inter-band dynamics. Email '' if you would like to know more.


11/10/10 Fiddler wanted for West London band "Blackwood" we are pretty chilled out and play in pubs, clubs, markets etc... we also do ceilidhs and barndances.

We are a 3 piece playing guitar, accordian, melodeon, Djembe and bouzouki

We are a group of friends who play for the love of the music, but get the odd paid gig, always from people hearing us play live....if you want loads of money then please don't reply......we more often than not collect for charity (rainbow it!) but if you want a chilled out session band with no strings attached and who will not compromise having fun with earning money.........then please give me a call.

You will get the idea by logging onto youtube and typing in "blackwoodization" or


Ben 07722585273


27/09/10 I am looking for a fiddle player based in London or in fact a fiddle player who can travel and has their own transport for a modern US Country Rock Covers Band.

Based in London the band will be able to gig all over the UK - The fiddle player must have good gear, be of a professional standard and own transport. Must also be well versed in US country Music.

Very Big interest from the Chain - O'neills Taverns, potential bookings in Dublin and Spain. Covers would include artists - Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Rod Atkins, Jason Aldean, Rascal Flatts and Lady Antellbum to name a few plus a few classics to recognise the greats. Would need to also potentially bastardise and country fi - some of the traditional Irish clasiscs as part of the offer from the chain. That way it suits all pub goers. Auditions are on going and the ability to play more than one instrument would be added advantage.

Contact Management : Emma Jane - email



The Ballaghs (bal-ags) are an established folk n roll,folk punk,noisy bast*rds whatever you want to call it type of band.
We are in the Isle of Man, thats the one in the irish sea not down south, playing a good mix of original and covers (levellers,pogues,waterboys,mcdermotts etc).
Having played extensively across the island over the last 3 years our fiddler called time on her services a couple of months ago,but with the aid of a phenomenal mandolin+banjo player we made it to Glastonbury 2010 to play at the Rabbit Hole stage,but its a fiddler that made this band and thats what we still need.

Anybody reading this from our neck of the woods get in touch



Fiddle player wanted for London based psychedelic spacerock band- influenced quite heavily by Hawkwind, Gong etc, looking for someone from any background who would enjoy jamming. We get some interesting gigs and have a lot of fun. (Job now filled!)


Hi All!

I'm in a London-based band called Lunar Rising and unfortunately our violin player has to leave for personal reasons... She'll be missed but we are looking forward to meeting someone new to work with!

We have been going for about a year and a half or so and have a nice family atmosphere going. We got to the final of a competition last year and will be recording our EP soon. We have recently taken on two backing singers which add so much depth to our sound and have a VJ interested to work with us on live visuals. We are very much looking forward to that! We are a laid back bunch but also have ambition!

You can check out our demos at so please have a listen when you get time and let us know if you are up for it! You can contact me at

thanks, Jay


I've just moved to London after winding up my band in Edinburgh. Since arriving here I've been out playing a few solo gigs and have just recorded some new acoustic tracks at The Cowshed Studios in North London. I'm putting together a new band as and when I meet the right people. In this instance I'm looking to add live strings to a more rock setting in the style of bands like The Frames & The Swell Season from Ireland. To blend the power and atmosphere of the two genres - as well as playing some acoustic performances.

I should also say I'm looking for musicians who are interested in working on and developing the music collaboratively - rather than simply playing session style.

I've got two new web pages up with acoustic demos of the type of music involved at: and


Ben Glover; Norwich-based folk/rock (psychfolk) band is currently looking for a fiddle player - see


We are and are looking for a fiddler/violinist based in London who would be interested in replacing our violinist and committing to the tour/festival schedule we have. Someone who would be interested in writing music and being part of the band.


Regular FIDDLER or violin player wanted for acoustic trio CAJUN CRAZE, with a repertory of mainly traditional Cajun, plus added spice as some Old Time Country, Celtic and Quebecois music. We stick to a traditional style of playing: no electric guitars, no e-basses, no drummers, just vocals, acoustic guitar, two fiddles or Cajun-accordion & fiddle melody duets and duels and percussion. We do play occasionally with guests too! Our goal is amusement, and let's get that crowd up on their feet and dance, motto:"Hey crowd, lets party 'till the cows come home !! " ... Please visit our website for more information or to send us an email:

Location: The Hague, Netherlands. phone int: +31 70 4400244, locally Netherlands 070 4400244
Nout Grupstra


I'm putting together a band (working title Hog Wild) to play classic country, Western Swing, a little Cajun, Tex-Mex and 50's rock'n'roll - what I like to call "good time music".

To do Western Swing justice, we really need a fiddle player - or preferably two - so it would be great if you could help out by posting an ad on your site. Regular rehearsals and a couple or three gigs a month is our modest ambition. We're based in Aldershot and Maidenhead.

Sandy Mackenzie. Contact


Simon Rawling is looking for a jazz fiddler to play in a new gypsy jazz band in Guildford. Contact.


STACKRIDGE are seeking a violin player to replace Rachel Hall, preferably a female but all sexes considered. You will have to be very, very good, capable of playing complicated arrangements & emulating solos as they appear on record. Plenty of room for improvisation too. You will need to be based in Bath or Bristol or near those cities, or be prepared to move there. Money is not great, you will be paid per.gig but the potential for being part of a band that will gig regularly in the U.K with possible tours in Japan, the USA & Europe in 2010 is exciting. As part of the band you will also have the opportunity to record on the next 2 to 3 Albums, if you write you could contribute songs/material to the repretoire. If you play a second instrument ( Cello ? Sax ? Keyboards?) there might be even more opportunities.
Apply in the first instance to :-


fiddle player wanted for new folky rock band. Influenced by The Levellers and Dropkick Murphy's. Play mixture of originals and covers. Some covers include State of Massachuseets, Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya, Another Man's Cause and Sellout. Looking for fiddler to complete and start gigging from March. Hopefully some local festival work in the summer. Based in Bournemouth. If would be interested, please get in touch with Paul at for a chat/more info.


fiddle player wanted for theatre tour
I am looking for a violinist to work with a touring live music and dance theatre show with an Irish influence. the tour begins middle of march to the end of may. Most of England covered. Jim Hand;

For tour website and itinerary, see:


Urgently seeking a Fiddler+Backing/Singer to accompany guitarist/singer in a
well established working pub/irish/celtic/pop song duo for good pay yorkshire gigs.

01422 847 323


Fiddler player wanted in Winchester area for newly formed gypsy jazz/swing group. Jamming at present with view to some local gigs. Experienced player or someone keen to learn style considered. Drop us an email to


Fiddler wanted (up to age of 30) for serious gigging band 'Silverfall' (London based). All original material with first single out in October and first album out January. Contact Jenny at for more info. Be perfect if you could play a spot of Mandolin too!


"Fiddler wanted (in Hertfordshire) to join a cellist and a guitarist for tune playing, and possible sessions, with a view to starting a new folk-session evening in or near the St Albans area. Cellist is experienced in folk accompanying, including chopping rhythms, guitarist very good on rhythm guitar and accompanying folk tunes. A very experienced folk squeeze box player is also interested in joining in. We like all sorts of fiddle music - Scottish, Irish, English, old time American, Swedish, eastern European etc. E-mail"

Carol and Pete


London based singer-songwriter Iona Leigh seeks fine young fiddler (ideally who can sing backing vocals as well) for London and England gigs promoting her upcoming folk album. Please visit her myspace page to listen to her music and read her bio and you can contact her there at:


Fiddler wanted for Red Ruth Folk Rock Band. We are three at the moment, myself on vocals and electro-acoustic, Paul Coleman on lead guitar and vocals, and Emma on vocals. Passion for playing live, lively music is a must! We are all professional musicians, with many years in the bus, however, this project, although we demand a high ability and commitment, is primarily for the love of playing live folk rock. We aim to get a good strong following, and if anything goes from there, then great. We still aim to have a 100% professional sound though.
We want to be ready to gig by November. I will begin booking gigs once we have a full line up again. Rehearsals are Sunday 11-2 or 11-3 at Harrow University, which is easy to get to, and we have unlimited use of brilliant rooms at the uni, including all recording equipment for free. So you pay for nothing.

If this sounds like something you'd like to get involved in please call me on 0751 5522892 to arrange a time to come and meet us.



I’m making the move from gigging Rock/Pop & Blues into Folk Rock Genre. I’m keen to play “Harvest, Private Fires & Painters Waltz”, (Andreas Vollenweider) – “Hard Times of old England, All around my hat & The Fox”, (Steeleeye Span) – Fleetwood Mac, Fairport Convention, Pentangle, and any others you’d like. I’m easy, as long as it’s quality. Contact Paul on 01579-382039 or mail at (Plymouth, Devon)


I'm looking for a fiddle player in Brighton (UK) area to play Vaudeville Rock both in a duo and band. Stroh violin and one string Phonofiddle come with the group along with proper management and one of the best music websites around! (


We are "The Dawgs" a Cajun/Country/Blues band based in Hastings East Sussex currently looking for a replacement fiddler with a sense of fun.
See our web page and contact me at if you'd like to join


I am a guitarist looking for a violin player to work with, playing and arranging in the Hotclub / Parisian swing style. I am based in the NORTHAMPTONSHIRE / MILTON KEYNES area. I am not looking for a professional player, but for someone who is interested in developing into this style of music.
My name is Will and I can be contacted on :~


Kevin Street is looking for a fiddle player for St Patrick's day (17th March) to play approx 6-10.00 pm at Onanon in Central London


I am looking for a new (male) first violinist for my London (UK) based group in time for a festival in Australia in July. We have a 30-40 minute show of high energy classical, jazz, Gypsy and other stuff which appeals to all ages. We do a lot of festivals (next summer we'll be at Glastonbury, Green Man and Brisbane festival in Australia), the usual weddings and corporate events and workshops (for kids and also with young adults with the Suzuki Institute). As soon as we find our new fiddler we will be learning new repertoire and working with a director to put together a new show in time for Brisbane (which is 3 weeks next July/August). We do lots of exciting things really, but I realise this kind of thing does not appeal to all musicians! We need someone who likes the idea of not hiding behind a music stand, and can smile whilst playing (you wouldn't think this would be a hard thing to do!!). Have a look at our myspace ;

contact Ezmee Gaze at

Wanted: Violinist to join Gypsy Jazz group based in and around St Albans (UK) for small gigs and jams. Music based mostly around hot club/manouche/gypsy jazz style (Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grapelli etc.), Any ability welcome but must want to have fun. Please contact Neil on 07940 461631 or


Timothy Victor's Folk Orchestra are looking for a fiddle player. We're an all acoustic 6 piece including guitar, accordion, mandolin, double bass and percussion and play original material influenced by (amongst other things) bluegrass and eastern european folk. We're looking for a fiddle player who's happy improvising and available in the London area for regular rehearsals and gigs in the lead up to recording an album in the spring. Go to to hear a few tracks and, if you're interested, email Matt Hutchinson at


Bristol Band wants Violinist
Sep 17, 07 Violinists wanted for progressive Bristol based band that writes all its own material. Call chris on 01761 490 750

I currently play solo gigs around London singing and playing acoustic guitar and think a violin would be a great way to add to the sound. Are you a violinist with some free time to jam and record some original material? Classical, Country, Celtic, Gypsy, pop styles welcome. Unpaid for the moment, unfortunately, but you never know! Hear me at Contact Jake at East London based. Cheers!



"We are looking for a Swing/Hot Club/Gypsy Jazz violinist to join us in the Warwick/Leamington area. We are in the early stages of putting together a group and repertoire with the objective of gigging as soon as possible. Please contact me at"


Canterbury-based band, Waterhorse has to say good-bye to the wonderful violin player, Robin Wilson, in September. Big shoes to fill but we're looking for a replacement... male or female.

Much of the music is scored but there is also plenty of scope for improvisation in our mix of roots/folk/blues/rock material. Ideally, we're looking for someone between the ages of early 20's to mid 30's. As we're looking to do some touring shortly (albeit short tours) it would require a fair amount of commitment. Also, over and above the initial work to learn the all-original material... some 40 pieces... we try to adhere to a rehearsal schedule of a minimum of once a week. Just to keep the powder dry! We rehears in and around the Canterbury area. Also, as we play such an array of venues (outdoor concerts, theatres, pubs, churches) we do various versions of the material; sometimes more acoustic and intimate and sometimes with everything up to 11.

We can be contacted though the band website at where there are links to MySpace and YouTube. I can also be contacted on my mobile on 07745 164 026

Many thanks,Terence Reis (for Waterhorse)


Ceilidh band looking for a fiddler to take the lead lines. We have folk/rock leanings and are looking to develop the set along the lines of Wolfstone/Runrig/ Fairport / Great Big Sea etc. We like to have fun as well as playing good music, so GSOH also appreciated.
email Andy on Plymouth area. thanks.

(first posted on


Hi, we're looking for a fiddle player, who, ideally can play more than just fiddle to complete the line up of the ICE band, an acoustic rock band based in Rossendale. There are some very basic recordings of some of our songs at though the final versions will be quite different.


A Fiddle Player's Musical Destiny Awaits!
Global Change Music Non-Profit Record Label is looking for a Fiddle Player to compliment the music of the label's featured artist, Gabriel of Sedona & The Bright & Morning Star Band (currently a 9-piece band). Global Change Music features several bands and runs its own world-class recording studio, video production facility and live performance hall. The Bright & Morning Star Band plays a form of original music called CosmoPop and is also looking for a lead guitarist, a keyboardist, a cellist, a mandolin player, a percussionist, and a sound engineer. The band currently has four CD's on the market and an award-winning live concert DVD. Your commitment would involve living in a spiritual community in Sedona, Arizona with room and board and other amenities provided, touring with the band and a sense of dedication to global change. Please visit our websites at and
Contact: Kazarian 928-282-9139 (USA) -or-


We are looking for a violinist for our St Patrick's night event next Friday 17th March. Please telephone on 01474 854646 if you think you might be able to help.
Thank you
Mrs D Denyer
Fawkham House School
West Kingsdown, Kent

(sent by

We're an acoustic trio with our own material and demo currently making the transition from open mic nights to gigs around london. fiddlers are so hard to find and a mention on your site would be much appreciated. our name is bronco billy and we're not full time but we do have a great time so if you could put the word out...?


I am looking for an Irish fiddle played to play in Cardiff on st Patrick's day, 17th march 2006. the fee is negotiable

Rosie O'Rourke
Sales & Marketing Manager
T: 02920 373403
M: 07811957662
F: 02920 375680


Fola are an established acoustic band looking for a fiddle player. We play a mixture of our own material plus tunes and covers. Our lineup is flute, vocals, guitar. We run a regular night in Birmingham (UK) and have played festivals and gigs all over and we're embarking on a mini tour in April. We have played with fiddle players before and think its time to do so again.

Call Andy or Kate 0121 423 2361 or 07793215183


Female fiddle player/backing vocals wanted to add harmony and enhance sound of upcoming folk influenced Midlands (UK) band with management and great songs. For vocal style think Kate Rusby or Emmylou Harris. Must be commited, enthusiastic and able to travel.

Send biog, picture and any recordings to


Sadly our current fiddle player has decided that she can't continue due to study commitments. We are Stone Rogue (, an acoustic band based and rehearsing at Goldsmiths College, London

Current lineup guitar, male vocals, double bass, fiddle/female vocals. Also looking for a woodwind player (oboe/clarinet) to augment lineup.

Good return gigs in the offing in Spring; rehearsals restart Sunday afternoons March. contact Ged;

6/01/05 Brian Bain writes: I'm travelling down from Fife, Scotland to play at a Burns Supper / Dance in Chesterfield, Yorks.
I've done this gig for the last 12 years but my usual partner is hospitalised and can't make it.
I wonder if a fiddler from that area (Chesterfield) would like to join me to play for Scottish Country dancing from approx. 10.30 pm to 1am.
I play a MIDI accordion. E-mail: or Mobile: 07810 184284

30/03/04 Pete on 07860 797 359 is looking for a fiddler to play with an Irish/Country band in hotels in Spain this summer for around 7 months

30/03/04 Lucy at <> is looking for solo fiddlers and /or small bands to play at a venue called the Roadhouse in Covent Garden (London) on Wednesday evenings. Probably Irish or gypsy style. Fee negotiable

30/03/04 Jon 01884 840445 is looking for a fiddler for a working ceilidh band in Devon/Somerset/Dorset <>

30/03/04 Sid of the Coal Porters runs a class full-time contemporary bluegrass band the Coal Porters; a month or so back he was looking for a good blugrass fiddle player to join his band; he may still be looking...

30/03/04 I'm frequently contacted by people wanting beginners lessons on the violin; I enjoy teaching jazz fiddle, bluegrass, western swing, klezmer and so on but I don't do beginners!

If you're a fiddle teacher in London and would like me to pass on such requests, get in touch!

15/06/04 Someone is forming a Country/Tex-Mex band in London and wants a fiddle player; 020 79160255 (advertised in Music Maker)

3/7/04 Andy in Birmingham is forming a Hot Club band and wants a fiddle player. <>

11/8/04 Brian in London wants a fiddle player to join accordion and guitar for folk, country and swing- weekly session, "little money, lots of fun"; 020 724 0027

29/11/04 Fiddle Player wanted for world music/folk crossover band. Based Southeast. Original and traditional material., 01732 863340

24/11/04 Violin player wanted for Hot Club type situation (i.e. Django Reinhardt and other Jazz Standards) in Orange County,NY. Good understanding of this style is essential. We are playing gigs now as a trio and are looking for someone who can step in. Ability is important but so is personality. Must have transportation and be able to rehearse once a week. This is not a high pressure situation but we are serious and dedicated.
If interested please contact me by e-mail.
Location: Orange County. NY (USA)

29/11/04 Fiddle and steel player wanted for Tex Mex outfit forming 020 7916 0255

20/12/04 Fiddle player wanted for a solo New Year's Eve gig in London (to play mostly Scottish) for this one email me and I'll pass you on to the agent.

01/101/05Wanted fiddler, any age or standard but must be enthusiastic to join a newly formed Irish/Scots 'pub' folk band. Share of anything we get. Enfield/North London area.Keith(The Wild Geese) 07973874017









te fiddle handbook


by Chris Haigh

exploring jazz violin


by Chris Haigh


off the wall


By Chris Haigh

Chris Haigh is a freelance fiddle player based in London; he has lots of experience in almost all types of fiddle music including British, Celtic, American, East European and jazz styles. He works with a number of different regular bands and frequently assemble "custom" bands for particular gigs. He is also a session player and composer.

Tel 020 85343887 or 07759 680533

contact Chris Haigh